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Car engines nowadays are run by a computer that tells each part of the engine what to do and when. By plugging into this computer we are able to identify any problems that are present within your engine, via codes sent from the computer.

If an error code is received we can quickly and easily arrange for the necessary repair work to be carried out.

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Is your car costing you more money than you think it should be doing in fuel consumption? Are you suffering from reliability issues that may be related to your engine or has your ‘check engine’ light lit up on your dashboard?

If so, it’s time to contact Westside Motor Co in Sheffield today, the engine diagnostics experts.

engine management repairs Sheffield

We can diagnose and fix the following:

  • Spark plugs
  • Overactive / Underactive fuel consumption
  • Read live engine data to ensure correct operation of your vehicle
  • Resetting of service lights following the test

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